Our voices are instruments of connection. Of change. Of truth-telling.

Liberate Your Voice.

with  Rebekka Goldsmith

Rebekka Goldsmith

All of Me. All of You. 

Having full access to your voice means understanding your capacity, strengthening your communication and connection with others, and taking action on issues you care about. We can explore the physical voice, the intuitive voice, and the voice of the collective — as well as the metaphorical harmonies that happen when these voices are interwoven.

Through voice lessons, one-on-one coaching, and experiential workshops, I provide a supportive and brave space for people to explore their voices — from the initial nervous warbles to the full throated, deep hearted sounds; from the quiet and unsure to the confident and clear.

When we work together, you can expect a playful, tuned-in process; deep listening; creative exploration; and growth. I’ll invite you to be risk-taking, curious, vulnerable, and real. All programs are rooted in integrated values of equity, justice, and a core faith in the magic we can make together.