I lead a community choir through a Seattle based organization called, Path with Art. We had some summer fun learning and recording this song written by Path With Art's Michael Dare called, "You Don't Need a Quarter."


The Path With Art Singers

Vocal Improvisation, Santa Fe, NM

Circle Singing, Chicago IL

Circle Singing, Somerville MA

Advanced Vocal Improvisation Intensive, Somerville MA

How to Lead Circle Singing, Somerville MA

Path with Art Singers performance, Benaroya Hall

Path with Art Singers, Figgy Pudding Event

Path with Art Singers, Hugo House

Sound and Movement with Kate Bradfield (3 sessions)

Art in the Park, Community Singing 

NM Folk Madness Weekend, Community Singing, New Mexico
SpringTune Up Singing Series

Sound and Movement Workshop with Kate Bradfield

Artscorps Annual Retreat

Leadership Tomorrow, Orientation Weekend

PYE Global "Catch the Fire" training, Song leading for Educators, Whidbey Institute 
How to Lead Circle Singing

Teaching Residence, University Prep

Path with Art Singers, Figgy Pudding

Path with Art Singers, Hugo House

Circle Singing and Improvisation Choir training-Providence, Rhode Island

Cabin Fever Company "Heart Content", Stimson Mansion

Improvisation workshop for people who love to sing! 
PYE Global International Creative Facilitation Gathering, Whidbey Institute

Healing the Heart of Democracy-An evening with Parker Palmer, Benaroya Hall
In Honor of Trayvon. A Healing Ceremony and Meditation- with Zenyu Healing

and Christa Bell

Reclaiming Our Voice, Reclaiming Our Power-West Roxbury, MA

Advanced Vocal Improvisation Workshop-Boston, MA
Leadership Tomorrow, Orientation weekend
Vocal Improvisation - Deep Dive

Sacred Sound Workshop with Christine Cruz Guiao
Vocal Improvisation Workshop for Advanced Singers, Portland, OR
Circle Singing, Portland OR
Sound and Health-3 session series
Teaching Residency, Monroe Township High School, NJ
Vocal Improvisation Workshop for Advanced Singers-New York City, NY

Rebekka Goldsmith


I  facilitate vocal improvisation and other voice related workshops as a practice for developing personal intuition, creative capacity and music skills. I offer a variety of beginner through advanced programs and lessons that explore melody, harmony, counterpoint, personal language, storytelling and rhythm as a means to deepen the connection between what you know and what you feel. I facilitate experiential multi-art based empowerment workshops and retreats for youth and adults throughout the United States and Canada. I lead professional development programs for managers, supervisors and executives, and I consult with intact teams to support improved team dynamics. 

I hold a theater degree from Rutgers University, and certification through Rhiannon’s yearlong All the Way In master vocal improvisation program. I am a Level III certified instructor of Somatic Voicework, The LoVetri Method (TM).  I attended the Heart of Facilitation training program and I am working towards a certification in coaching from the International Coaching Federation. I live my values-growth, love, and racial and social justice. I actively seek ways to build in equitable practices in my own programming as well as continuing my life long work to understand my own biases and privilege. Oh, and I love to laugh and play!  And dance. Yes, dancing is good.  Of course I love to sing too...but you probably already guessed that one.  

About me