When people are asked to think of someone whom they are inspired by, often similar qualities come up and include words like: trustworthy, authentic, passionate, inspiring, committed, real, courageous, full of integrity, loving. These people stick with us because they have engaged us at a deeper human level.  They aren’t perfect.  In fact, sometimes it is their imperfections that help us connect with them. Their values are present and easily identifiable.  Their “voice” is strong, consistent and clear.

Understanding how the voice works can have tremendous impacts on the way we sound, our ability to engage individuals or groups, and our ability to maintain a healthy speaking or singing voice.  Most people use their voices every day but have no idea how they really work!  Our voices require a complex set of systems to work together consistently and repeatedly. These systems divide into three primary components:  power source (the lungs), vibrator (your voice box) and resonators (the throat, nose, mouth and sinuses). The way we use them in service of one another is mostly an unconscious process. What might happen if we really understood how to use our voice?



  • Short answer. EVERYONE and ANYONE!
  • Emerging leaders
  • People who:


Through the connection between our practical and metaphoric voices, we have the power to create transformation in ourselves and others.  Whether we are aware of it or not, these two voices are inextricably linked. It is through the exploration of both that we can transcend the ways we hold ourselves back and be more fully integrated and alive human beings.

Using a combination of voice and coaching sessions, we will work together to explore how you can use your voice to: 

  • understand and lead with your core values 
  • have greater impact and enhanced credibility 
  • improve your confidence and presence
  • give engaging presentations

We will also explore:

  • how your voice actually works! 
  • ways to expand your range and align the quality of your voice with what you are actually trying to express
  • how to improve vocal health and increase stamina 

Who knows?  You may even find yourself singing!

"We do not coach to solve a problem. We coach for a life to be lived." -Jim Patterson

  • are ready to grow!
  • feel a little stuck and want to move forward
  • want a more fulfilling life

We will start with an initial conversation to see if we are  a good fit for each other. If so, we begin our coaching relationship with an initial foundational session so that we both have a good understanding of where you are starting, your goals and the way we will work together. Frequency and length of sessions can vary based on your needs, preferences and availability.  I normally request a three-month minimum commitment to coaching.  For pricing and availability, please drop me a line!

  • are in a life transition
  • want to feel more joy
  • are willing to change

"Rebekka has it all-Magnificent voice, ebullient improvisational spirit and masterful coaching skills. She blends structure and flexibility, creating a safe place to stretch and takes risks, and find joy in the effort."                                                             -Pamela Seigle, Executive Director, Center for Courage & Renewal NE

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Your Voice Matters.

Your voice is an instrument of connection.  Through voice you have the power to deeply affect people and inspire lasting Transformation. 

Rebekka Goldsmith