Rebekka Goldsmith

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Voice and

Leadership Development

For Seattle area peeps who are interested in singing with others in a non-auditioned weekly group. 

Next 10 session series begins January 2, 2017

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I am honored to spend Monday afternoons with a wonderful community of singers.  Check out this Emmy award winning PBS feature about us.

When I tell people that I sing, most people tell me that they don't.  They go on to share that they wish they could sing, teachers told them to mouth the words when they were a kid in choir, friends told them not to give up their day job, and on and on. Their disclosure is usually followed by a confession of a secret wish to be able to sing. And when I say that I believe almost anyone who can speak can sing, they try to convince me that they are the exception.  

Here's the thing.
I believe in the power of the voice. The voice can be a straight line to deeper self awareness and growth. Working with your voice can help you to explore more fully all the ways you show up in your life, including the ways you value and the ways you may have already outgrown.  This is true for people who love to sing, people who are terrified of singing and everyone in between.  By building vocal confidence and resilience, you can leap frog into new and deeper ways of expressing yourself and creating relationships with others.  And here's another thing: I LOVE working with all kinds of voices.

Here are some of the typical ways I work with voice:

  • Voice lessons: focus is on singing (pre-beginner to advanced)
  • Coaching:  for emerging leaders and others who want to activate and expand their internal and external  "voice"
  • Facilitation: retreats, team building, training for teams and groups
  • Workshops and group classes: varying programs using voice and other arts based practices for deeper personal and community based work




Drop me a line and let's see what magic we can co-create! 
What have you got to lose?