Liberate Your Voice.

with  Rebekka Goldsmith

I believe in the power of the voice, and I trust that anyone who can speak can sing. I have worked with people of all ages to find their true voice and let it out.

I support pre-beginner through advanced singers to explore breath work, melody, harmony, improvisation, rhythm and song as a means to deepen their connection to their own voices.  All voices are welcome in my studio.

​Join me for individual lessons or hire me to work with your group. 

​​​VOICE LESSONS - individuals and groups

I have been singing since I was three years old. It is one of the things I love the most.

What I’ve discovered over the years, however, is that most people have a complicated relationship with singing. When they learn that I am a singer, people tell me their stories — they wish they could sing, they were told to mouth the words in choir, friends advised them, “not to quit their day job”. Yet often, they confide, their desire to sing is still with them.

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When people sing together they lose track of themselves as individuals. Singing together is a courageous act — and when met by other voices there is an uplifting that we can’t achieve on our own. Together we can raise our level of connection and our vision of what is possible.

I work with existing choirs to develop vocal confidence, improve blend and build community. 

​I am available for half day, full day and multi-session programs.  Please contact me to discuss your interests.

“Rebekka is one of those teachers that you always wished for. She digs deep and works on many levels of musical knowledge, intuition and communication and provides openings for transformation both personally and vocally. She is attentive, caring and highly skilled. She has a way of seeing your best potential and helping you get there. She is joyful and enthusiastic about music and her students in a way that makes learning fun and playful."               

        -Trelawny Rose

vocal coach, NBC's "The Voice"


I offer individual lessons in vocal expression and exploration, improvisation, technique, phrasing and performance. That said, there are many ways to find your unique voice and deepen your creative intuition. I am committed to working with you in ways that best meet your individual interests and goals. I accept students ages 7 and up and offer most lessons in my home. To schedule a lesson, please contact me.


$​​90 -   60 minute session
$120 - 90 minute session
$150 - 2 hour session