"Circle Singing can be described lots of ways: vocal improvisation, vocal “jamming”, add-a-part/change-a-part, vocal orchestra, “voicestra” as created by Bobby McFerrin,  a “drum circle” for singers, or just plain “make it up” singing.”      – SoVoSo website

This is an opportunity to learn simple songs and rounds, and use basic vocal improvisation exercises to create musical jams together. These sessions will be deeply satisfying for the trained singer and the non-experienced singer alike! 

How do you translate the melodies, harmonies and rhythms you hear inside of you to a group of singers? How do you lead circle singing with people who don’t think they can sing? This workshop is designed to explore and practice the skills of leading spontaneous multi-part group singing, known as circle songs.  Practice leads to confidence!

This page contains information about the typical workshops I offer.  Please contact me to arrange for a workshop in your area!

Current and past clients:

Academy of Americas



Berkeley Jazz School, CA

Center for Courage and Renewal NE

Center for Courage and Renewal NW

City of Seattle

Eugene Conference for Youth and Young Adults

Everett Housing Authority

Highpoint Experience

King County Housing Authority

Leadership Tomorrow

NM Folk Madness

NW Folklife Festival

Monroe Township, NJ

Partnership for Youth Empowerment (PYE)

Path with Art

Power of Hope
Puget Sound Community School 
Univ. of Washington Girls Academy 
University Prepatory Academy  
Skagit Valley Comm. College 
Sanislo Elementary School

Trelawny Rose Studio, CA

Young Women Empowered (Y-WE) 

Multi-disciplinary art retreats for adults who want the space to explore and reignite their own creativity. (C’mon, you know you want to!)  These workshops are co-facilitated by a team of experienced teaching artists who use a variety of art forms including writing, movement, visual arts, music and cooking to create an extraordinary and inspiring time together. Retreats are offered in Seattle and in other locations throughout North America.

Liberate Your Voice.

with  Rebekka Goldsmith

I offer a variety of classes and workshops that have their roots in the work of Rhiannon and Bobby McFerrin. Vocal improvisation is valuable whether you are a professional singer looking to deepen your creative intuition or you are someone who is longing to bring out the inner singer you know lives inside of you. (It’s not too bad for those of you that fall somewhere in between the two, either.)

Together, we will deepen the connection to music as individuals and with each other. Through a variety of skill building and improvisational exercises designed to encourage risk-taking and creative expression, we will explore that place where skill and spirit join.

Workshops and Retreats

“Beyond being a skilled singer and teacher, Rebekka possesses the unique and elusive gifts of a great facilitator. Rebekka knows how to create spaces where students constantly surprise themselves.  I’ve seen young people mentored by Rebekka transform from the shy, “I’ll just mouth the words” type to, “watch out, cause my voice must be heard” type in the course of a week.”      -Alan Wong, Facilitator

​Teacher Trainings
I offer the following trainings to teachers, youth workers and other educational professionals. In addition to the specific offerings below, I am available for specialized individual coaching and contract work with your school or organization. Please be in touch! 

  • How to Lead Circle Singing with Students 
  • Using Vocal Improvisation in the Choral/Singing Classroom
  • How to Bring More Creativity Into Your Non-Music Classroom
  • Creative Vocal Exploration in Your Choral/Singing Program


Residencies-Working with Groups and Schools 
In addition to teaching workshops and retreats, I am available for artist residencies with adult and youth groups and schools. Programs vary in length and can be as short as 1 hour and as long as 2 weeks, depending on the needs and interests of the group or school. Residencies may also include a performance involving program participants!

Some of the past programs offered include:

  • Improvisation in Life and Art: Exploring improvisation in theater,movement, art, writing, music.
  • The Heart of Art: Using various forms of art to gain deeper connection with personal creativity.
  • Building a Creative Community: Use of the arts and other experiential learning activities to establish strong community.
  • Vocal Improvisation: Exercises that explore melody, harmony, rhythm, counterpoint and personal story to create spontaneous music.

It is a beautiful thing to sing in community. This is a 6-week workshop series that combines improvisational singing with song form.  Our focus is on having a good time together, freeing our voices and learning great songs to sing and share. Elements of this program series include warm-ups, vocal improvisation exercises, circle singing, sound work, rounds and simple songs, spoken word, and possible guest artists.